Getting started


Integrated process
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A. Experiment with ZaloPay

I. Download ZaloPay App Sandbox

Link tải ứng dụng ZaloPay Sandbox

II. Deposit to ZaloPay Sandbox account

III. Bank card information for Portal Payment

1. Visa, Master, JCB card

Card number 4111111111111111
Valid thru 01/25
CVV 123

2. ATM card for testing Bank SBI

2.1. Valid card

STT Card number Card name Valid thru
1 9704540000000062 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
2 9704540000000070 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
3 9704540000000088 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
4 9704540000000096 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
5 9704541000000094 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
6 9704541000000078 NGUYEN VAN A 1018

2.2. Lost card

STT Card number Card name Valid thru
1 9704540000000013 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
2 9704540000000021 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
3 9704541000000029 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
4 9704541000000052 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
5 9704541000000060 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
6 9704541000000086 NGUYEN VAN A 1018

2.3. Timeout card

STT Card number Card name Valid thru
1 9704540000000039 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
2 9704541000000037 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
3 9704540000000054 NGUYEN VAN A 1018

2.4. Out of money card

STT Card number Card name Valid thru
1 9704540000000047 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
2 9704541000000011 NGUYEN VAN A 1018
3 9704541000000045 NGUYEN VAN A 1018

V. Trial account

For the convenience of integrate sequences, you can use the information below to experience without having to register now. In case you sure about integrate with us, please come across the registration instructions in section B

AppID and Sandbox integrated key

Appid 554
Key1 8NdU5pG5R2spGHGhyO99HN1OhD8IQJBn
Key2 uUfsWgfLkRLzq6W2uNXTCxrfxs51auny

B. Integrate Sandbox environment

I. Integrated registration

Please provide phone number and email to support chat group to create sandbox account

II. Get integrated information, set up the callback url, the redirect url

Login to , go to the menu Hi, [Phone number] App integrated management to get appid, keys, as well as set up the Callback url, Redirect url

III. Read the documents and implement integration

See the documentation for selected models

Fully perform the following functions:

  1. Create an order

  2. Get order’s status

  3. Handle callback

  4. Handle redirect (in cases integrate ZaloPay Gateway, Mobile Web To App)

  5. Refund transactions (if necessary)

Perform acceptance test under the Test Cases at here

Click here to see common errors

IV. ZaloPay QC will check the integrate result

After Merchant finishs the integration and unit testing, send the application (web link, application installation package) to ZaloPay QC to check the results.

C. Deploy Production environment

  1. Merchant registers a real account at
  2. ZaloPay approves and provides production environment appid, keys
  3. ZaloPay rechecks with some transactions on the production environment
  4. Sign test records and go live
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